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Richard MacDonald: red is a solo exhibition that presented a profoundly exciting new direction in the artist's career. It featured 42 bronze sculptures, from quarter life to heroic, together with original drawings from throughout the artist’s career, all united within this common color structure. Richard MacDonald: red chronicles the appearance of red from MacDonald's early drawings, including Study of a Young Dancer (1998), to the red veiling of the iconic work Blind Faith Heroic, Yin & Yang and Aurora. His solo exhibition in Carmel, CA showcased the technique which has evolved into a deeper exploration of the role that color plays in figurative sculpture.

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Richard MacDonald’s method of working by directly observing a living model is becoming increasingly rare amongst artists of our time. Developing the sensitivity and facility to watch a person in motion and capture anatomy, movement, mood, and personality in clay is an extraordinarily complex and demanding task, yet the quality of the work speaks to the vitality, energy, and power made possible by this experience.
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