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Magical Energies

“Through my artwork, I hope to increase the appreciation and understanding of figurative sculpture throughout Singapore and the rest of Asia.” - Richard MacDonald.

MacDonald’s ‘Heroic’ works mark the sculptor’s greatest legacy. Deriving from the romantic term often used in art history, 'Heroic' denotes a larger-than-life scale. In the Fall of 2012, Richard MacDonald's premiered his Heroic collection in Singapore, both in the lively streets of Orchard Road and in his exhibit, Magical Energies, at the Singapore Opera Gallery.

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The Artist's Touch
Richard MacDonald’s method of working by directly observing a living model is becoming increasingly rare amongst artists of our time. Developing the sensitivity and facility to watch a person in motion and capture anatomy, movement, mood, and personality in clay is an extraordinarily complex and demanding task, yet the quality of the work speaks to the vitality, energy, and power made possible by this experience.
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