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London Private Exhibition

A major epoch in Richard MacDonald’s career developed through his involvement with the Royal Ballet in London. Working on location at White Lodge, the home of the Royal School of Ballet, gave Richard MacDonald access to some of the greatest classical dancers in the world. They posed for the artist, and many new ballet-themed works were created. The artist was invited to create an exhibition that Prince Charles attended privately. Prince Charles was impressed to bestow the further honor of inviting Richard MacDonald to dine with him at Buckingham Palace, with other distinguished guests.

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The Artist's Touch
Richard MacDonald’s method of working by directly observing a living model is becoming increasingly rare amongst artists of our time. Developing the sensitivity and facility to watch a person in motion and capture anatomy, movement, mood, and personality in clay is an extraordinarily complex and demanding task, yet the quality of the work speaks to the vitality, energy, and power made possible by this experience.
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