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Convergence of Spires

The idea of the spire emerges again and again in Richard MacDonald’s work. It serves as a visual depiction of our connection to the earth from the beginning of time and represents the evolution of humankind. The textures and colors are reminiscent of the strata formations of the earth, which are then architecturally integrated with the primordial, sensuous curves of man and woman. The attraction between these forms is the dance of the human continuum.

Artists are a sensitive conduit for the long-ingrained cultural messages of the past. Richard MacDonald taps into the wellsprings of his ancestry to bring a mythical and powerful meaning to contemporary figurative sculpture with his collection of spires.

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The Artist's Touch
Richard MacDonald’s method of working by directly observing a living model is becoming increasingly rare amongst artists of our time. Developing the sensitivity and facility to watch a person in motion and capture anatomy, movement, mood, and personality in clay is an extraordinarily complex and demanding task, yet the quality of the work speaks to the vitality, energy, and power made possible by this experience.
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